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SAP EDI Consultant - EDI Consultant

Looking for SAP EDI Consultant – EDI Consultant ? IwayServices can help you !

IwayServices offers a unique expertise on the market, a perfect mastery of all the components of the EDI business (logistic flows, TMA, project, expertise, audit and action plan, call for tenders, invoice dematerialization / invoicing, reliable audit trail) combined with an in-depth knowledge of the integration of IDocs in SAP or any other ERP/EAI.

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SAP EDI Consultant – EDI Consultant


Because EDI systems interconnect with ERP systems, IwayServices also offers SAP EDI consultants who are technical and functional experts, working on SAP to meet your needs from start to finish.

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Since 2012, IwayServices has been involved in multiple EDI business areas involving expertise on TRADEXPRESS, GENTRAN, AXWAY, SEEBURGER, as part of projects, TMA or tender.

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2024 will be the year of the e-invoicing in France. IwayServices offers to help you choose your dematerialization solution, in complete independence, adapted to both

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Reliable audit trail

Since 2014, the reliable audit trail is mandatory.

IwayServices will assist you with the necessary drafting for other forms of dematerialization (PDF, SCAN, OCR).

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IwayServices is the story of a community of independent consultants specialized in the EDI and SAP EDI domains and their customers that led to the creation of a consulting firm in 2012.

We found ourselves around common values and decided to present EDI and SAP EDI service offerings. Since then, our community is growing with new partners, customers, freelancers and some employees.

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IwayServices has already assisted many companies.

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IwayServices, an EDI and SAP EDI consulting firm, can assist you in all stages of invoice dematerialization, regardless of the format. Our experts will provide you with the right answers and solutions to meet your needs.